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Breitling 46mm Navitimer 01 Review | Wrist Watch Forums breitling navitimer 46mm review

Breitling 46mm Navitimer 01 Review Share Thread Facebook Twitter Google+ Tumblr LinkedIn Pinterest Email Go to Previous Thread Next Thread Please make a selection first new « Prev 1 Next » dsimon9 Charter Member Posts: 6,623 Since: Jan 31, 2013 12:16:18 GMT -6 Breitling 46mm Navitimer 01 Review May 11, 2016 10:19:30 GMT -6 rw16610 and BRIAN like this Quote Select Post Deselect Post Link to Post Member Give Gift Back to Top Post by dsimon9 on May 11, 2016 10:19:30 GMT -6 Breitling 46mm Navitimer 01 Review Introduction I recently purchased a 46mm Breitling Navitimer 01. After a few weeks of ownership, I offer this watch review. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The review will cover the purchasing experience as well as the features which make the 46mm Navitimer 01 the watch that it is. Hope you will enjoy it and find it useful. The Buying Experience After shopping the local dealers and finding their discounts anemic, I expanded my search and found a dealer in California willing to offer me a decent discount. The dealer was very cooperative and patient. All my questions/concerns were answered. After paying a deposit and wiring the balance of the money, the watch was shipped to me via FedEx second day air at no extra charge (conversely I could say I paid an arm and a leg for second day air, but the watch was free). It was a bit of a surprise to me because we had agreed on ground transit. Inside the box, the sales person had attached a personal note of gratitude. It was a very nice gesture. It was a very good buying experience. A Little Background Information The watch is the latest evolutionary version of the original Navitimer introduced in 1952. It features a 46mm case, with Breitling’s in house movement, the B01, and a transparent case-back (Pic 3). The movement was first unveiled at Baselworld 2009. Although 46mm would be considered (and is) a big watch, the watch truly wears smaller than you would think. The movement has received mostly positive reviews. Pic 1 Pic 2 The first two pictures show the dial (Pic1 & Pic2). As you can see, I opted for the white and black dial, the leather strap and, although not obvious from these images, the folding clasp. I guess I am a boring kind of guy, but I seem to gravitate towards the black and white, even though a blue dial is available as an option. The metallic bracelet, an option with the Navitimer, was too blingie for my taste. The choice for a clasp was mostly curiosity. It is the first time I have ordered a folding clasp with a leather strap. The other choice would have been the more traditional tang-type. The watch includes a 5 year warranty by Breitling. To maintain the warranty, the watch needs to be serviced every two years. With the exception of shipping, the costs of the service are covered by Breitling. The AD extended the warranty an additional year and included a third service as well. I should say that the service covers the insides of the watch. Meaning the movement, adjusting the time as necessary, and any issues with the dial. It does not cover crystal replacement (if needed), any polishing, and repairs to the strap. To me the warranty was a big selling point. I could have used a grey market vendor and pay a lower price, but the Breitling warranty would not have applied. The grey market vendor would warranty the watch for two years and none of the services would be included. Considering each service cycle would cost approximately $500 (estimate given to me by a couple of Breitling ADs), I felt there was value in paying a little bit more up front. The Dial The dial is very busy (Pic 1 & Pic 2). Here I went against my normal preference for simple dials. Please allow me to digress for a moment. During my late teens/early twenties, it was a time when we were transitioning from slide rules to calculators (anybody remember paying $400 for an HP-41C?, which by the way, is a collector’s item these days). I was at the back end of the wave, and never learned how to use a slide rule. Combine my slide rule ignorance with me being a geek/nerd, then put in front of me a watch with a built-in slide rule, and you know what you get? Temptation. Furthermore, being a believer of the “if you buy a tool watch, learn how to use it properly” philosophy, made the busy dial more of an attraction than a distraction. I have learned how to use the slide rule function and to be quite honest it has come in handy a couple of times. The Caseback Pic 3 The clear/transparent caseback (Pic 3) is one of my favorite features of the Navitimer. Always fun to see the heart of a watch hard at work. One of the reviews describes the movement as rugged and ready for a beating but not elegant/beautiful. Personally, I have yet to see a movement I did not like. They are all engineering marvels. At first, there was concern when I first looked at the caseback. I noticed the rotor was a bit clunky as I rotated the watch. As a matter of fact, it appeared as if it was getting stuck. After about a day or so, the rotor’s movement had become very fluid. I suspect it might have been the lubrication which needed to work its way into the rotor’s friction points. Nonetheless, the rotor now seems to be working just fine. The Push Buttons and Crown One of the main reasons I first looked at the Navitimer was for its chronograph function. Like most other chronographs, two buttons are used. As shown in Pic 1, the top button is used for starting and stopping the function and the bottom button is used to reset it. I am not sure if it is by design, but pressing the start button takes quite a bit of effort. Maybe designed that way to prevent an inadvertent start of the chronograph (after all it is a mechanical watch). Pressing the top button a second time, to stop it, requires considerably less effort. The reset button also takes little effort. Functionally, the chronograph works as advertised. When resetting it, all the appropriate hands return crisply to the 30"/12 o’clock position. As we move on to Pic 4, we see the side of the watch containing the crown and the chronograph buttons. The crown is not screwed down, thus limiting its ability to withstand exposure to water. The manual makes it clear. This is not a watch to go playing in the pool, beach, and/or shower. Pic 4 A nice consequence of not having a screw down crown, is being able to align the crown with the “B” of Breitling in a fully vertical position. A small, really unimportant feature, but I like it. To manually wind the Navitimer, the documentation recommends winding the crown 40 full cycles when the watch is at a full stop. This winding has to be my least favorite feature of the watch. To wind the watch, the crown remains depressed so that as you wind it, your finger (the thumb to be specific) rubs against the bezel. After 40 rotations, your finger is asking for forgiveness for any wrong doing it might had committed in a previous life. If the watch was not an automatic, winding the watch manually would have been a deal breaker. Also, if you look at Pic 4, you can notice a bit of a scratch near the 11 o'clock position relative to the crown. Not sure if the scratch was there originally, or if it happened as I attempted to wind it. It is very small, and not seen with the naked eye. On the positive side, Breitling claims a minimum of 69 hours of reserve. I have not tested this claim, but other reviews have reported numbers close to 70 hours. The Folding Clasp Pic 5 Pic 6 As mentioned earlier, I chose to get the folding clasp instead of the tang, almost as a whim/curiosity. When I first set the strap and closed the clasp, I have to admit I was a bit concerned. The clasp snapped closed too easily, for my taste, making me wonder if it would pop open without warning. I am happy to say the clasp, once closed, remains closed. There was one occasion when it popped open, but I was forcing the issue. Under normal wear use, the clasp has remained closed. Please see Pic 5 and Pic 6 for views of the folded clasp. Having the fold over clasp also allows me to adjust the strap just the way I like it. With your normal metallic bracelet, or a leather strap with a tang clasp, there is the likelihood of the watch not fitting around your wrist just “right”. The fold over clasp allows the user to adjust the leather strap fractions of an inch, so the user should be able to achieve a perfect fit. The Black Strap The watch was ordered with a black strap with white stitching. To put it simply, I love the strap. It is a high quality product, very soft, and does a great job of complimenting the dial. The strap also seems to be quite resistant to scratches, stains, and/or scoff marks. As of today, I have yet to notice any blemishes. Kudos to Breitling. A minor issue I am having deals with the ease with which I can swap out straps. Unlike my Panerai, swapping out straps does not come across as an easy process. I don’t have an image to show, but the strap is completely flush with the case of the watch. There is a tool available, but it is metallic and I can’t see how to “squeeze” in the tool between the leather and the case without the high probability of scratching the case and/or the strap. I am continuing to research the matter, and I am working with a strap maker in the UK. Hopefully, there will be a solution to the problem. Time Like all Breitling watches, the Navitimer is COSC certified to +6/-4 seconds per day. The most important function of a watch. Can it keep time? I have only owned the watch for a few weeks, but I am happy to say it has easily maintained time well within the COSC spec. I have noticed a variation of between +2 seconds and +4 seconds per day. Conclusion The Breitling Navitimer is a wonderful watch. It has truly exceeded expectations. The buying experience can influence how a person perceives a product. The AD might have been able to provide a better service, but it is difficult to see how. They were attentive and very responsive. The watch itself increases in beauty the more I look at it. The dial although a bit busy, is very functional. Not only because of the built-in slide ruler but also its chronograph function. In my opinion, the chronograph could work smoother, but it is still functional and fun to use. By far my least favorite feature would be the manual winding process. As stated earlier, the experience is painful, literally. Fortunately, it is an automatic watch so as long as the watch is kept on your wrist or on a winder, all should be good. And even if a winder is not an option, the reserve of the watch is rated at 69 hours. Meaning, the watch would only need to be wound every two days or so. The watch works as advertised, it is comfortable, a pleasure to look at, and it is fun to have around. In other words, it is a keeper. Hope you all enjoyed reading this long winded review and you find it helpful. Last Edit: May 11, 2016 10:22:07 GMT -6 by dsimon9 CHIP WWF Founder ̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(◕_◕)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ Ad Astra Per Aspera Posts: 33,975 Name: Chip Location: Dallas Since: Oct 8, 2005 17:08:57 GMT -6 Breitling 46mm Navitimer 01 Review May 11, 2016 14:27:51 GMT -6 via Tapatalk rw16610 likes this Quote Select Post Deselect Post Link to Post Member Give Gift Back to Top Post by CHIP on May 11, 2016 14:27:51 GMT -6 Excellent review and photography Dex. I've always admired the Navitimer, and I put that into the iconic watch category, next to Sub, Speedy etc. The busy dial doesn't bother me because it serves a purpose. If it was just there for the heck of it, I couldn't do it. I'll read it again when I get to a computer. ad astra per aspera _____________________________________________________ rw16610 Charter Member Charter Member Posts: 21,134 Name: Rommel Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Since: Apr 9, 2009 17:21:51 GMT -6 Breitling 46mm Navitimer 01 Review May 11, 2016 15:35:57 GMT -6 CHIP likes this Quote Select Post Deselect Post Link to Post Member Give Gift Back to Top Post by rw16610 on May 11, 2016 15:35:57 GMT -6 Excellent review indeed, Dex! Chip virtually read my mind in his post. This piece is up there with all of the other legendary watches in my opinion. The dial being the way it is creates the appeal for me too. I've noticed that my Chronograph also requires significant force to start (as with most it seems). The sound it makes is simply incredible though! Not sure if there's any truth to this but when my watch was purchased it has been sitting in a display case for MONTHS before. The first time the Chronograph function was activated it seemed extremely jumpy, almost like a Quartz. After a few months of use it (appears) to be running more smoothly now but this could all be in my head for all I know. My Collection: Rolex Explorer II 16570 Omega Seamaster Professional Chronograph 2225.80 Vintage Omega Seamaster (From 1963) Raymond Weil W1 Parsifal Chronograph Seiko Monster (Orange) Orient "Black Ray" FEM65008B9 Casio G-Shock Riseman Tons of Rolex accessories Baco Noir WWF Advisor Resident Wino I just want to win the Powerball once! Posts: 23,882 Name: Roger Location: Colorado Since: Mar 14, 2011 13:09:50 GMT -6 Breitling 46mm Navitimer 01 Review May 12, 2016 9:43:29 GMT -6 Quote Select Post Deselect Post Link to Post Member Give Gift Back to Top Post by Baco Noir on May 12, 2016 9:43:29 G breitling-navitimer-46mm-review-rid-0.html. breitling bentley gtMT -6 Great review Dex! I too tend towards simpler dials, but like you the Navitimer works for me. I think it's because they kept the chrono area clear, the panda dial makes it very readable and the slide rule gives it a great nod to the past. Glad to see you are loving it. The sapphire casebacks are great when they don't make the watch too thick and yours is very proportional - it works well. dsimon9 Charter Member Posts: 6,623 Since: Jan 31, 2013 12:16:18 GMT -6 Breitling 46mm Navitimer 01 Review May 12, 2016 11:51:58 GMT -6 CHIP , rw16610 , and 1 more like this Quote Select Post Deselect Post Link to Post Member Give Gift Back to Top Post by dsimon9 on May 12, 2016 11:51:58 GMT -6 Thank you all for the compliments. So far so good. One more caveat, it looks like the width of the strap for the Navitimer is the same as for my Panerai (24mm), which means, I might be able to use the third party straps purchased for the Panerai on the Navitimer. Hot diggity! At lease I can use them as a test to see how they look on the Breitling. Yesterday I also received a complimentary baseball cap from Breitling. A nice surprise. CHIP WWF Founder ̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(◕_◕)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ Ad Astra Per Aspera Posts: 33,975 Name: Chip Location: Dallas Since: Oct 8, 2005 17:08:57 GMT -6 Breitling 46mm Navitimer 01 Review May 12, 2016 12:27:50 GMT -6 via Tapatalk rw16610 likes this Quote Select Post Deselect Post Link to Post Member Give Gift Back to Top Post by CHIP on May 12, 2016 12:27:50 GMT -6 Good to see Breitling USA still does that. They also send bomber jackets but you have to buy some really expensive stuff to get one. (I guess they think you're Navitimer is pocket change) It's a nice gesture and I wish more companies would do that. ad astra per aspera _____________________________________________________ BRIAN Charter Member It must be born in mind that success depends on exertions. Posts: 573 Name: JOO Location: Was in NC now in TX Since: Nov 26, 2014 12:02:14 GMT -6 Breitling 46mm Navitimer 01 Review May 13, 2016 20:36:51 GMT -6 dsimon9 likes this Quote Select Post Deselect Post Link to Post Member Give Gift Back to Top Post by BRIAN on May 13, 2016 20:36:51 GMT -6 That's awesome watch. Thank you for a great review. I have been thinking of getting Navitimer but purchased other watches first.. If I have chance to get Navitimer, 43mm one is my next purchase. I love 46mm one but it won't fit on my small wrist DAMASKO DA37 Black, ROLEX SD4K, TUDOR Pelagos Black. TUDOR Black Bay Black TUDOR Pelagos blue (sold) BREITLING Avanger II GMT (sold) PANERAI PAM510/560 8 DAYS (sold) OMEGA Seamaster 300 007 50th edition (sold) OMEGA Seamaster 300 Blue (sold) Reply
breitling navitimer 46mm review

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Breitling’s most iconic and famous model is the Navitimer. I’ve reviewed the Navitimer 01, which included for the first time the in-house manufacture Calibre 01 movement.



For 2015, Breitling makes two small, but important, changes to the already legendary model. First, the Navitimer gets an extra large version. The 46 mm cased model results in a larger timepiece that allows it to be more wearable over a pilot’s jacket and in keeping with some modern wrist replica watches tastes and trends.

Also, the Navitimer 46mm now includes a transparent case back to showcase the Calibre 01 movement. A limited edition of 200 pieces is also available in red gold.


Second, the Navitimer GMT manages to add a 24 hours second timezone while retaining the patented instrument-inspired busy dial that makes the Navitimer so unique. The additional texts for the 24 hours indices barely intrude on the busy dial; an additional red arrow hand gives quick indication of the hometime at a glance.


The GMT model comes in at a hefty 48 mm and uses the Calibre 04 in-house movement that allows quick adjustments of the hour hand (forward and backward) while traveling. Like the new 46 mm model, this one also includes a transparent case back and comes in a red gold limited edition of 200 pieces.


Finally, like all Breitling replica watches these new Navitimers are C.O.S.C. certified and can be customized with a variety of strap options such as calf or croco leather, rubber bands with different clasp or tang buckles. There is also a blue dial variation to the two new models. We will be sure to do hands on review of these new models and include prices once we get a chance to handle them live.

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